Mathew Connolly?

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Mathew Connolly?

Postby Bluebird Warrior » Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:47 pm

Does Mathew Connolly have a future at Cardiff city?, because if we play with a back 4 Neil will have Morrison manga and Bamba with one of them on the bench and you even have Halford who can play there as well as Peltier so I don't really see where Connolly fits into Cardiff's team atm. and even if we have a back 3 you still have Morrison, Bamba and Manga with Halford and Peltier for back ups, so does it make sense for Connolly to still stay at Cardiff knowing he's going to spend most of the season sitting in the stands?
Bluebird Warrior
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Mathew Connolly?


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