Remember the Season Under Malky

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Remember the Season Under Malky

Postby Bellamys barmy army » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:50 pm

The season under Malky we would grind out wins, never really playing total football but we would find a way to win. But many times that season we would lose, but what I can remember is we would always bounce back the next game

On a side note Hull came second that season, they lost 15 GAMES. So it suggests to go for a win until the end which we have done up until a really bad performance last night

Lets not over react, every team has bad nights, this league is about how you respond in the following fixtures. There are 39 games left and if we win 20 of those we will probably be finish in the top two never mind the playoffs which before the start of the season we would have all be ecstatic with

Take a step back, breathe, and remember this is the toughest league in the world to get out of. Get on the roller coaster and enjoy the ride
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Remember the Season Under Malky


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Re: Remember the Season Under Malky

Postby TopCat CCFC » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:49 pm

Under MM - We went top in NOVEMBER and stayed there to the end as Champions .

This squad on paper as people say on here is better - So we can't say until the end of the season (what works best) .

Which ever way we go about it - Good Luck to this quad and manager...Long way still to go :bluebird:
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