"In Warnock we Trust?"

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Re: "In Warnock we Trust?"

Postby Bluebina » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:48 pm

Bakedalasker wrote:"In Warnock we Trust"

Right lets have a deep soul searching thread.

Who now has their Trust in Warnock?

Before our poor run of games started I can recall 2 users on here who questioned Warnocks tactics. Both have got slaughtered on here for their opinions. I wonder now if their adversaries will be so disagreeing with them.

Personally I think we have thrown a great chance of running away with this league with Wolves. Yes we are still in the mix but for how long is the worry for me now. I feel our strikers have not been up to the mark. Take Zorhore for instance. After this opening season goal he went a few games without scoring with his next goals coming with a double against Leeds. At the time no one cared as we were doing well. However now we are doing bad this is when we need them to step up. Yes he scored that cracker against Fulham but I'm struggling to remember any other chance he had got on goal.

However is the reason our injuries. I think there is a strong argument here as for me Danny Ward stepped in up front with a few goals. Losing him I believe is on a par to losing Morrison. Then Bogle looked the deal with his 2 goals but unfortunately has gone off the mark. It's good to see Healey back but I don't think he is that poacher.

So for me the problem is upfront. With Zohore, Ward, Bogle and now Healey you would not think it was a problem. So the question is has Warnock used these to the best of their abilities, has Warnock been let down by them or do you think the problem is somewhere else and if so where. If you think somewhere else do you think Warnock has managed it well?

You make it sound like it's dead easy to just run a away with the League with Wolves.

We have had a bad run of luck and decisions, which should correct themselves, but the main reason we have fallen away is key injuries, the min ones being Zohore, Gunarson, Morrison, Bryson, Ward and all the rest we have had the spine of the team taken from us.

We have done really well to stay in there, and fingers crossed will pick the pie back up when we get a few new players and a few back, Morrison and Gunarson especially.
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Re: "In Warnock we Trust?"


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Re: "In Warnock we Trust?"

Postby brickyblue » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:13 pm

maccydee wrote:
nubbsy wrote:I still trust him. Our squad has been hammered, we had TWO defenders in midfield today.

There's always going to be mistakes made in tactics or signings but four defeats in a row or not we have massively over achieved so far.

warnock is still 100% still the best man for this job. No soul searching from me just yet.

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Yes agreed mate
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Re: "In Warnock we Trust?"

Postby pengamblue » Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:05 pm

dont panic lads the gaffer has not one 7 promotions for nothing 100% confidence in warnock :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :ayatollah: :ayatollah: :ayatollah: :thumbup:
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Re: "In Warnock we Trust?"

Postby bluemun » Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:22 pm

I really think he has made changes for the sake of them, with the exception of Healey. We have stopped playing to our strengths and that's his fault. I think he's a fine manager, but now he's got a huge test. We must sign two players, midfielder and striker, who are better than current players. If he doesn't get it right, we'll drop rapidly.
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Re: "In Warnock we Trust?"

Postby maccydee » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:38 pm

Whopper central.
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