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Postby Once a blue always a blue44 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:54 pm

Don't get me wrong Sky do my head in due to moving the games and ruining plans to go to quite a few aways this season but since Feb I've been unwell and unable to go to any aways :( frustrating but My family tell me Heath has to come first although my family have literally locked me in the house to stop me going :D :o prior to Feb I have made 7 away trips and all the home this season and I'm gutted now as missing the best part of the season - ESP as we are doing so well but can't be helped. So sky is my only choice now :roll: :roll:

I wondered when SKY will be announcing which of our final matches will be live? Surely the Derby and hull away will be on as potentially and I stress the word potentially could get promoted in either of these two games - depending on other results. (Don't worry I'm fully aware things could go tits up again). Surely they will announce live TV games soon as tickets are on sale etc.

PS anyone going to the remainder of the aways - please give the team an extra loud cheer from me! :bluescarf: :bluebird:
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Postby boyo1927 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 3:05 pm

If they are not sign up to Ifollow for 1 month just 4.50. Get a vpn and u can see the games my friend...

Get well soon
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