Potential New ST Holders Hampered by £500 Ceiling?

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Re: Potential New ST Holders Hampered by £500 Ceiling?

Postby pembroke allan » Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:00 pm

dogfound wrote:
Once a blue always a blue44 wrote:I think the club have got it right. I mean as a long term season ticket holder you need some benefits compared with someone coming all now who hasn't had a ST over the last year or so. If people really want to support us I don't think an extra £50-£100 or whatever it is will put people off. We will prob sell a few more between now and the beg of the season and the other thing is don't forget the memberships too that people will buy.

all this talk about benefit or reward for long termers....
when we reached the FA cup final and thousands and thousands jumped onboard buying STs to ensure they had a final ticket ,as a long termer at the time i was chuffed to bits.......cant get my head around all those feeling rewarded because someone sat to the right is having to pay more than while the seat behind is empty...
the only people that SAVED money by buying early are those that only really wanted to watch prem football because had we remaioned in the championship i doubt the prices would have gone up..?

If didn't go up no prices wouldn't have gone up in championship! But fans didn't buy just for premiership well I certainly didn't? But the argument club shouldn't have put up prices when promoted is bonkers it was a commercial decision nothing less . But agree it's not about reward as everyone had chance to buy early and at reduced price if didn't do so tuff luck had to be stupid to think price wouldn't go up on promotion :thumbup:
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Re: Potential New ST Holders Hampered by £500 Ceiling?


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