Pure fantasy and a bit of fun!

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Pure fantasy and a bit of fun!

Postby Once a blue always a blue44 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:51 am

Now say Cardiff finished in the top 4 next season with a champions league place for the following season....(in my wildest dreams but it's never gonna happen as even if we just survive I'll celebrate like mad) how far would you go to support the team in the champions league if they were successful - let's say they get to atleast the quarter finals, as let's face it - it would probably be a once in a life time dream! Would you quit your job if they wouldn't give you the time off to go to the matches, would you sell your car to pay to fund the tickets, journey and hotels etc, would you get divorced if your wife or husband wouldn't let you go?! :roll: :o , would you attend the home matches but not away, or would you take advantage of BT sports or whatever channel it's on and watch them all from the comfort of you're living room with a few beers and a takeaway and marriage staying intact lol not to mention a few thousand better off!

I've often wondered myself - I'd defo go to the home matches, if love to go to an away match but I think the money would come into it big time as Although I don't mind pushing the boat out abit, I'm always careful too - but that's just me others are different. I'd probably say I'd try and attend 1 away match if I could get tickets that is.
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Pure fantasy and a bit of fun!


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Re: Pure fantasy and a bit of fun!

Postby 2blue2handle » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:03 pm

I wouldn't quit my job or sell any major assets to be honest, if I couldn't afford it then I just wouldn't go.

I did hand my notice once though when they wouldn't give me leave for the FA Cup final....all of a sudden they could work it out and I could have the leave :lol:
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Re: Pure fantasy and a bit of fun!

Postby ThomasC » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:28 pm

sad reality is that the more successful the team, could be less you get to watch them! ££££ get that arm chair out and renew subscription :happy1:
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