“ Pressure on Neil Warnock “

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Re: “ Pressure on Neil Warnock “

Postby piledriver64 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:10 pm

Bluesman wrote:Should we get relegated I know which manager I would want in the Championship and that is NEIL WARNOCK.

I think most would agree with that one !!
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Re: “ Pressure on Neil Warnock “


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Re: “ Pressure on Neil Warnock “

Postby dogfound » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:10 pm

piledriver64 wrote:
dogfound wrote:
Clubfortyfourer wrote:I agree that Warnock has made some strange decisions this season and giving negative statements is not helping and definitely not inspiring anyone.Wasn’t Warnock reluctantly persuaded to come back for one more season and he stated he wasn’t getting any younger, I think this his last season, even if he lasts to the end of the season. I don’t think his heart is in it this season,whether he’s distracted but we are not firing on all cylinders.I hope I’m wrong but our results tell the story.

and what story do the results tell...apart from the obvious one that if you used logic and reason to assess our chances this year we stood very little chance of being anywhere other than where we are now.

this idea that a team full of second tier players should be doing much better and its the managers fault they are not is nothing short of mental.

To a point I agree but whilst he didn’t have too much to spend on transfers has he used that wisely ?

£6m on Madine, £8m on Reid, £3m on Cunningham all look risky at best. Only Murphy looks a decent signing.

So Warnock is not completely blameless.

I still think he can turn it around but the approach could do with changing in my eyes.

truth is if people want to blame him they invariably will..
the BIG picture really is what is in my post that the vast majority of our squad are playing in a division where none of the established clubs wanted those players....which leaves our manager with... having to find a way to compete and get points against superior opponents..which is always going to look ugly and seems 10 times worse if your not getting results..in our case it seems to be stay competitive by concentrating on trying to nullify threats on our goal for 80 minutes { which is working all things considered } and then changing it for the last 10 in a smash and grab attempt to get points { hasnt worked so far }..

as for the transfers ,on the face of it they dont look great....but maybe he wasnt very confident in Etheridge { many of our fans were not } ..or Bennett who he passed a couple of comments on last season..?

Murphy and the 2 loanees are fine... Reid a 20 goal season last season and we really dont know just how many players turned us down or how many clubs just wanted too much money...what is clear is a lot of our fans think its just a case of paying the money it says on transfrmarkt and they come..

as for Madine ..i proper dont get the criticism...he was looking for a lump of a player to knock the ball to when Zohore was not fit or out of steam...2 million quid for a champiuonship striker that actually did what it said on the tin { a career 1 goal in 6 championship striker }.the extra 4 mill was to be paid if it worked and if we were promoted...we were promoted ..and in all the games i watched him play {most }he held up the ball won headers and generally took the pressure off Ken..

anyway im pretty sure if you were to look long and hard at other transfers and other clubs ours are not out of sinc...
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Re: “ Pressure on Neil Warnock “

Postby Bluebina » Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:27 pm

Forever Blue wrote:Ned, the worry for me is, only won win from 11 Prem games and it was against Fulham, plus the other 2 points v Newcastle/Huddersfield.

I will keep stressing even though some disagree, if we want to stay up, we have to beat clubs at home in the bottom half Brighton, Southampton, not a draws wins only :thumbright: :thumbright: :bluebird: :bluebird:

A big difference between Southampton and Brighton though, Brighton have twice as many points and are probably not in our mini league, a win would be a great result.
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Re: “ Pressure on Neil Warnock “

Postby HarriRhys22 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:32 pm

And to think that we turned down Brighton’s Manager Chris Houghton despite his Powerpoint presentation? I’d certainly take him instead of Warnock?
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Re: “ Pressure on Neil Warnock “

Postby valleyrambill » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:13 pm

If we get relegated and I have not giving up hope we will want to back up so why sack the man who is the best to get us back up doesn't make sense to me.

Warnock has said from the beginning we just need to enjoy the ride while we are there he as much us wants to stay up to prove a lot wrong he has to work with the squad he has.

The other thing a new manager will want money lots of it Tan will not give it , if Tan is going to give money to us in January Warnock has a better chance than any other manager as Tan trusts Warnock.

I still cannot believe some supporters want to change manager after what he has done for this club not just the football but the building he is doing all round the club
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Re: “ Pressure on Neil Warnock “

Postby RhiwEbbwBluebird » Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:08 pm

Got to agree with some posts on here. As much as i like warnock and think hes the man to take us forward in this league and if we get relegated, but hes so frustrating because he has wasted a lot of money on duds, and fucked the summer transfer window up really.
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