Jacks manager...loop fruit...

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Jacks manager...loop fruit...

Postby GENERAL CHAT » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:55 pm

:laughing6: Bonkers...lol

Hope he stays with them...


Carvalhal has previously talked about how he is searching for “lobsters” during the January transfer window but may have to settle for “sardines”.

And the Swans manager says the hunt for new recruits goes on.

The Swans have been linked with a number of possible signings already this month, but Carvalhal has made it quite clear that he will not discuss names until deals are done.

But the Portuguese has acknowledged that he expects to make some quality additions to his squad before the mid-season market closes in just under three weeks’ time.

When asked about transfer news at his press conference ahead of Saturday’s trip to Newcastle, Carvalhal said: “The boat is on the sea, but the fish didn’t bite the hook so far.

“When the boat is on the sea, it depends if there is a storm, if the fish are sleeping or not and if they really want to come to the boat or not.

“We are in the process, but I don’t know yet what will happen.”

When asked whether any deals could be an imminent, Carvalhal added with a smile: “I am not on the boat! I am on the beach, so I can’t see the fish.

“We will try to bring in the best quality players possible. I don’t want to talk about how many, but the most important thing is to bring in quality players who can help the players we already have here.

“They are doing so well, with good attitude and commitment, but they need help, with some quality players who can help us go up a level.

“We have some gaps in the team and also we must improve the team.”

Carvalhal, meantime, has insisted that the Swans are not about to sell any of their star performers despite persistent speculation surrounding Alfie Mawson.

“When I came here, it was clear that we would bring in players to try to improve the team and we would not sell out best players,” he added.

“If someone comes in and offers £50 million or £100 million you can never say never – it is like Neymar or Philippe Coutinho.

“But the fundamental idea is not to sell any players.”

https://www.swanseacity.com/news/carval ... fer-update
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Jacks manager...loop fruit...


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Re: Jacks manager...loop fruit...

Postby griff105 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:24 pm

He is like a senile cantona
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Re: Jacks manager...loop fruit...

Postby GrangeEndStar » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:25 pm

The Owls fans responses to Coxswain Carvalhal's latest maritime mumbo-jumbo really don't inspire much confidence.

My favourites so far are 'I think he has some serious mental issues', 'Swansea are doomed with him in charge' and the ever-popular 'Prick'.

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