John Harries_Legend RIP 2nd February 2010

A Memorial to Bluebirds fans who have sadly passed away.

John Harries_Legend RIP 2nd February 2010

Postby HelenT » Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:35 pm

For John

Let your flight through the sky end in memory of wedges and flares.
You’d seen it all through the years and still loved the stares
Let the last touch of your hands be held on the terraces so high
With your friends all around you, you’ll see the Bluebirds fly
May the last breath of light bring you peace in you heart
May one of the your last sights be the Bob Bank afar
Remembering wondrous stories, the personalities, the match
I can’t believe you’re no longer hear for a gossip and chat

Watching you boys, Donald, Tragic , Dai H Jones,and Neath
We all knew the day would never end in one piece,
United you loved but the Bluebirds stole your heart
United we stood on the terraces and at the bar
Friendships and brotherhood developed from scratch
All these cemented on ridiculous debauched days out on the lash
The one thing you knew it was guaranteed fun
Luckily not ending up as the front page of the sun

I will miss you friend, brother, mentor solid all round guy
I hate tonight that I’ve continued to cry
Your individuality, your caring supportive side
Who will I turn to when it’s my time to die?
With wisdom and insight you taught us all
Reciting you outfits from away days years past
We all assumed this friendship would be one to last
Whether it was punk, soul or Madchester you saw it first
And as young anxious teenagers you quelled our thirst
Trim tabs, flares, back perms and Stan Smiths
We all knew John Harries was never a myth

The nurses from the Philli always had an eye
On the stylish boy from Porth, with a glint in his eye
“They’re all Tragic, Hel” he’d say to me
With a flick of the hair and a smile on his face
The world without John will be a far worse place
John Harries a legend who will be sorely missed.
Dear John rest in peace, with love and a kiss

Helen x
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John Harries_Legend RIP 2nd February 2010


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Re: John Harries_Legend RIP 2nd February 2010

Postby CasuallyCasual » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:33 pm

He was a legend. so gutted to lose a top lad, bluebird forever
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Re: John Harries_Legend RIP 2nd February 2010

Postby cardiff yid » Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:38 pm

What a great poem Helen, him and Tragic first dressers in S.Wales, I soon copied Although my wedge not as good as little johns ha ha. Only manc i ever trusted after having my sheepskin cut off my back on Kings cross lol. Still think of him fondly RIP John Harries. :old:
cardiff yid
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Re: John Harries_Legend RIP 2nd February 2010

Postby Nedd Glas » Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:52 pm

Great bloke. I used to talk to him in The Cornwall before matches and sometimes in town during my lunch breaks.

Sadly missed. Passed away far too young.

RIP John.
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Nedd Glas
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Re: John Harries_Legend RIP 2nd February 2010

Postby polo » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:56 am

Top Man.

Could chat for hours with him about any subject, mainly football, clobber, and music. In no particular order.

Lord Polloi. RIP.
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Re: John Harries_Legend RIP 2nd February 2010

Postby bluebirdbaz » Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:30 am

sadly missed a Ynyshir legend :ayatollah: :ayatollah: :ayatollah: and tragics hair was never to be copied...................ever :old:
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