O/T Pensions and Annuities

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O/T Pensions and Annuities

Postby City1983 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:53 am

Are Pensions all cracked up to be what they are...?

I've become disillusioned by paying into a Pension that takes up most of my monthly pay when I don't see any value being added to it.

Experts say they are an effective way to save for a decent income in later life but annuities are bottoming out and, for all the effort of putting most of my pay into one, returns being offered aren't what I expected when I purchased whatever!

I'm looking to finish work at 55 and take my pot bit now thinking is it worth it.

Interested in everyone's 'take-up' on this?
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O/T Pensions and Annuities


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