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Master's dissertation

Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:34 am

Hello :)
My name is Maciej Ryzlak and I am student of geography at the Faculty of Geography at the University of Lodz in Poland. Please fill out the survey, which help me in writing my Master's dissertation entitled "Morphology and functioning of the Welsh football stadiums in the settlement structure of Cardiff and Swansea". The poll is anonymous.
I would be pleased if you will take a moment on filling this survey
Thank you in advance :)

Re: Master's dissertation

Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:10 pm

Almost 30 replies till now - thank you for your involvement - waiting for more :) best regards

Re: Master's dissertation

Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:40 am

The limit for this month has been exhausted! I didn't expected so much involvement, thank you a million! I've got 100 surveys filled out (half from this also from Swansea fans). If anyone didn't filled out questionnaire till now, could do this after August 1th (I need 200).
Greetings, you're absolutely fantastic!! :occasion5:

Re: Master's dissertation

Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:21 pm

Hello Bluebirds once again! In two hours the limit will be renewed, and those fans, who didn't filled the survey yet, can do this now :) I'm very satisfied by your involvement, but I need still more questionnaires :) Thank you in advance! Regards

Re: Master's dissertation

Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:38 pm

Interesting stuff. Would be great if you could post some of the findings when you have the results through.

I'm doing my dissertation too ATM and it is a long slog :ayatollah:

Re: Master's dissertation

Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:49 am

tcblue wrote:Interesting stuff. Would be great if you could post some of the findings when you have the results through.

I'm doing my dissertation too ATM and it is a long slog :ayatollah:

Sure, if you are interested, I will post results, when I will have required number of responses :) also I have some paper surveys done and count everything together, but now I am still waiting for more surveys :P greetings

Re: Master's dissertation

Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:08 am

I encourage those people, who didn't filled the questionnaire yet, I need still more surveys :) thanks to all who have already done it :)

Re: Master's dissertation

Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:17 pm

Okay, I'm satisfied with the amount of filled surveys, which I've got 183 (more from you, than from Swansea City fans). In a few days I'll do some summaries, comparisons etc. so, if anyone is interested on the findings, be patient and wait :)

Re: Master's dissertation

Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:34 pm

Hi Bluebirds :bluescarf: sorry, that you have waited for so long, but I had many other duties, also connected with my Master's, but now I completed findings of the survey, finally :) so...105 fans filled the survey. Going in order...

1. How many times a year do you visit Cardiff City Stadium? 72 votes for "11 and more times a year", 21 votes "1-5 times a year", 10 - " 6-10 times a year"...and two people said that they don't visit Cardiff City Stadium :sad7: This proportion of votes means, that I chose good group of people, and further results will be rational :)

2. How long have you supported Cardiff City?
The answer most often given was 40 years and more. Few youth answered :P

3. What should be the capacity of the stadium?
90 votes - it's appropriate, 12 votes - smaller, 3 votes - bigger
You mostly like capacity of your stadium and don't wanna interfere in capacity, it's already okay.

4. What do you rate the best, and what the worst at the Cardiff City Stadium? (you can write more than one answer) (concerning e.g. atmosphere on the stands, infrastructure, transport accesibility, comfortable seats etc.)
Main advantages written by you were: good view from the stands, good infrastructure of the stadium, easy access and good location.
Main disadvantages were: bad atmosphere during the matches, low attendance, expensive food and beer, bad quality of beer.

5. What in your opinion is missing at the Cardiff City Stadium?
Mostly: Premier League in Cardiff, good atmosphere, cheaper beer. 2 people answered that they would like to promote Welsh language and culture during matches - that's interesting answer for me :)

6. Do you support any other British football clubs? If yes, which one?
69 people answered that Cardiff City is the only supported club. Rest of the fans listed for example Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Newport, Wrexham, Carmarthen Town or Treharris Athletic Western.

7. How do you rate level of security at the Cardiff City Stadium?
49 votes - good, 48 - very good, 7 - average, 1 - bad. Mostly you haven't experienced any dangerous situations on the stadium :thumbright:

8. Do you use the services (e.g. Club Shop) and catering facilities located at the stadium? (Please explain your answer)
48 votes - yes, from both, 24 - no, 18 - yes, but only from catering facilities, 15 - yes, but only from services. Respondents who do not use the facilities in the stadium complain about the excessively high prices in the catering areas.

9. Do you think, that the construction of Cardiff City Stadium has had a positive impact on the development of communications, service and settlement infrastructure?
93 votes - yes, 12 - no.

10. What is the impact of building a stadium on the infrastructure in the district?
Mostly: Establishment of a retail park at the stadium, increased employment, increased local business, improved transport infrastructure, improved tourist attractiveness.

11. Do you use services (e.g. ASDA), and catering facilities located around Cardiff Stadium (McDonalds, KFC etc.) ? (Please explain your answer)
52 votes - yes, from both, 38 - no, 12 - yes, but only from catering facilities, 2 - yes, but only from services
The respondents use the retail park, which is primarily referred to because of the low prices of food products, which are significantly cheaper than those offered at the food courts in the stadium, the second factor is the closeness to the stadium and the possibility of shopping "by chance. ". Opponents of the use of services and catering facilities reckon, that there are too many queues on the matchday and they don't have a must to do shopping.

Next three questions most "electrical" :P
12. What is your attitude to Swansea City fans?
49 votes - negative, 48 votes - neutral, 8 - ... positive ;) The vote may be a little surprising, as most Cardiff fans (53.3%) do not refer to Swansea supporters in a negative way, although the answer to question 2 about the length of their club supportership is that the exceptionally antagonistic relationship between The fans from these two Welsh cities are the product of recent years.

13. Why your attitude to Swansea City fans is like this?
Those who have shown a positive attitude to their rivals have justified their choice of whether Swansea supporters are also Welsh, have a good team and believe that if the Welsh club is leading, then the Welsh should enjoy it. Fans who are neutral about the Swansea City fans agree that they are not interested in the fate of their club, but those who are interested are hoping that both Welsh clubs will play in the Premier League so that the Cardiff team can beat Swansea City. . Some "neutral" fans justified Swansea City as a club, and they respect the fans. Fans who have a negative attitude have argued their relationship with eternal rivalry between clubs and fans and mutual hatred.

14. How would you describe a Swansea City fan?
Among the positive and neutral fans were the answers of "lucky", "Welsh", "passionate", "Jack", "like the others."
Among the negative comments were both the more restrained and the vulgar. By isolating the milder, there are phrases such as "Gypos", "rats", "blinkered", "uneducated", "unemployed", "cocky" or "Neanderthal". From such vulgar answers were "white cunts", "bastards", "scumbags" or "bellends". :laughing6:

15. Do you feel more Welsh, English or British?
81 votes - Welsh, 13 - British, 2 - English, 9 - Other (5 - British Welsh, 2 - Europeans, 1 Irish, 1 Welsh Portuguese)

16. Do you support the Wales national football team? Please explain your answer
I didn't expect any explaining of your answers, because that seemed clear to me, but my promoter insisted me to do that...
103 votes - yes, 2 votes - no. Explanation is of course clear - Welsh support Wales :)

17. Do you visit Cardiff City Stadium on the Wales national football team matches?
75 votes - yes, 30 - no

18. Helo, fy enw i yw Maciej. Braf cwrdd a chi. (Hello, my name is Maciej. Nice to meet you :))
59 votes - I don't understand, 39 - Braf cwrdd a chi hefyd (Nice to meet you too :thumbup: ) 4 - Tywydd hyfryd heddiw (Great weather today :laughing6: ) 3 - Cyfarchion (Greetings). More than 60% of false answers indicate that there is no knowledge of the Welsh language base among the respondents, which may be due to the lack of teaching Welsh language and culture in the surrounding area.

That's all. If you want findings of Swansea fans, write me :)
I have also few more questions, and I will be pleased if you could answer me :))

1. Are retail parks a standard in the surrounding of the stadiums in Great Britain? Could you name some stadiums which have also retail parks?
2. Who is the owner or the builder of retail park? Does it have something in common with Cardiff City, or maybe with Vincent Tan?
Maybe I will have more questions later :)
Greetings and thank you a million for your convenience and patience waiting for the findings :) :bluebird:

Re: Master's dissertation

Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:43 pm

Damn, I forgot :) Could some send me a good quality pictures of the Ninian Park on my mail
As a curiosity, I'm the supporter of Widzew Lodz, we are in 3 Liga, it's like League Two in GB, and we have average attendance of 16 thousand people per match, that's 90% of capacity of our stadium, opened in March this year. Maybe you have heard about my club? We have beaten Polish record of season tickets, almost 16 thousands were sold :) That's the atmosphere on our stadium, enjoy :)

Re: Master's dissertation

Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:20 am

waiting for any response :)

Re: Master's dissertation

Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:53 pm

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