As the new season fixtures are released im

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As the new season fixtures are released im

Postby Once a blue always a blue44 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:05 am

EXCITED BUT WORRIED! Excited for us - I'm not on about playing the big clubs personally I don't care if I see Man U or Everton players. The point is it's my Cardiff City on the big stage and that's what makes me proud. These big clubs are our enemy now and we should show them no respect! That said take nothi away from how talented some of these teams are and we will have to work our socks off even just to get some kind of a result.

The bit I'm worried about is....away tickets! I'm a season ticket holder and went to about 6 aways last season but I had Initially planned more. My mates who I go with are gold members and intend on renewing and going to away matches. The only prob is 1 of them attended 4 aways and the other just 1 away last season! Do you think they will get tickets? To be honest it doesn't have to be the massive clubs that we go to see....just want to go to away fixtures together and surely if they've spent £40 or whatever it is on a renewed gold membership they will be able to get away tickets otherwise it rather defeats the object of buying one in the first place.
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As the new season fixtures are released im


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