Blake:Is there a plan in place to help Cardiff get to Chelse

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Blake:Is there a plan in place to help Cardiff get to Chelse

Postby Forever Blue » Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:37 pm

'Chelsea were brassic, we didn't have a laundry lady... but they're now are a model Cardiff City can follow' -

'is there a plan in place to help Cardiff get to Chelsea's level one day?'

By Nathan Blake -

Thursday 13th September 2018

Cardiff City head to Chelsea this weekend, which just makes me think about the huge gulf between the sides, which is very likely to be borne out on the pitch.

It also makes me ask myself: 'is there a plan in place to help Cardiff get to Chelsea's level one day?' — it sounds ambitious and potentially very silly, because if I was a betting man I wouldn't put any money on the Bluebirds ever reaching that kind of status as a club.

Then again when I was an 18-year-old in Chelsea's academy I never thought they would rise to becoming one of the UK's top three teams.

You can say they've had a major cash injection from Roman Abramovich, but Cardiff have had huge investment themselves from Vincent Tan.

Abramovich has been there about 10 years longer and has built Chelsea steadily.

And cash doesn't always equal success. It's how you spend it.

Aston Villa, Sunderland, Birmingham... they'll all had money, but mismanagement has seen them slide down the leagues. Cardiff were heading to League One before Neil Warnock saved them and managed to reach the Premier League without any money at all.

Chelsea have built the infrastructure to become a super club.

When I was there as a youngster, they were skint. Brassic.

We didn't even have people to wash the kit. Not even a laundry lady! We had to take it home and wash it ourselves. That's just how it was.

I then joined Cardiff from Chelsea and it was the same — but you'd expect that because Cardiff were in the fourth division at the time, Chelsea were top flight!

And Cardiff have come a certain distance under Vincent Tan. The growth in crowds during Warnock's time, the atmosphere down at that fantastic stadium... you have to congratulate them on what they've done, even if getting there has been a nightmare at times.

It's never simple to get a club to that level, it's always a day-in day-out grind for the staff behind the scenes.

But on the surface it's looked a breeze for Chelsea and I have lots of admiration for the way that club has been run. You can't argue with what they've done. Cardiff have got to do the same: use the money wisely, build a training ground, which they are now doing to their credit.

On the pitch this weekend, that gulf in class should be pretty evident and I don't say that lightly.

Chelsea are world class. I rate this team very very highly under Maurizio Sarri. They're among the top 15 teams in Europe and it's surprising how they are going under the radar while everyone else talks about Liverpool and Manchester City.

Chelsea have got the capability to beat anyone and in Eden Hazard they have one of the world's best players who will be nigh-on impossible to stop.

Maybe put his legs in some tar or cement before the game. I don't see any easy way of stopping him!

It's likely to be Bruno Manga up against Hazard and Cardiff have to be working hard before the game on not leaving Manga isolated. Whoever plays down that right side — even if it takes four players — you have to help him out.

No doubt, it will be a heavy game on the legs of these Cardiff players.

But if they deny Chelsea the space to work in — which is what the Blues want — with a deep block and packed midfield, they could have a chance.

I would also be in favour of pressing Chelsea for the first few minutes, to make sure it's not The Alamo. Even then, it will still be a struggle.

The Bluebirds need Josh Murphy and Junior Hoilett on fire.

And I would play Bobby Reid up front alone as I think his pace could trouble the hosts. That's harsh on Danny Ward, who doesn't deserve to be dropped after a great goal against Arsenal, but it's horses for courses.

Cardiff aren't expected to do anything against Chelsea, or Manchester City the following week. But then that Burnley game afterwards becomes a huge game, which if Cardiff don't win, they're in deep trouble.

Sooner or later, the win has to come for Warnock's team. But I can't see it being this weekend unfortunately.
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Blake:Is there a plan in place to help Cardiff get to Chelse


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Re: Blake:Is there a plan in place to help Cardiff get to Ch

Postby Carlossus » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:31 pm

Again another bout of constructive criticism ,as Ive said in previous post ,Ive felt he has ,in the past,played to the bandwagoners , continue like this he will win me over.
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Re: Blake:Is there a plan in place to help Cardiff get to Ch

Postby pembroke allan » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:55 am

Failed to mention Chelsea are where they are due to abrhamovic money! So unless we get same backing cannot see it ever happening, same for any club really :old:
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