Number 2001? Timothy Castagne - top RB £6m

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Number 2001? Timothy Castagne - top RB £6m

Postby howbluewasmyvalley » Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:05 pm ... -castagne/

Is the 2000 comment relevant or possible?
We will have been building and monitoring our own database of possibles all season, across all leagues.
Already NW has told us he’s looking at France Ligue 1, I guess because our database is throwing up good prospects. That comment was made several weeks ago. They have a great website full of player stats by the way. Maybe an hours work to shorttlist strong possible CF DM RB. Done it myself so sure the club can.
Same for other similar leagues.
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Number 2001? Timothy Castagne - top RB £6m


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