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Postby Sven » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:39 pm

Neil Warnock just on TalkSport's Adrian Durham Show and said the decision was taken to give the players some space after consulting with City skipper, Sean Morrison

He talked of a traumatic few weeks and how is is emotionally and mentally drained but is still 'up for the fight' at City

He praised Cardiff City fans to the hilt and said that whilst he is often accused of 'bigging up' his team's support, in this case it was absolutely genuine

He also praised the supporters of all the teams we've played in recent weeks, i.e. Arsenal, Bournemouth and Southampton; saying that the idiots who let Southampton down were small in number and shouldn't be given the time of day, as it detracts from the positive actions of the vast majority

Hard to disagree with that but 'outing' the culprits is the correct thing to do to ensure others may think first

He also said that he was proud of the team and how it has reacted to the challenge this season, repeating that although City were supposed to lie down and die this season with the "lowest points tally ever", the squad were determined not to be left behindhand Saturday's roller coaster of emotions showed the spirit in the camp

He was also heaping praise on Ken Choo and Mehmet Dalman, whilst reiterating the

Sol Bamba came into the conversation regarding his celebration after his goal. Didn't realise it was the same referee (Martin Atkinson) that failed to book him when he took his shirt off earlier in the season. He (the referee) actually apologised to Neil Warnock for 'having' to do it this time (technically for leaving the field of play and not removing his shirt) but Neil Warnock simply responded "It's okay, Martin. I don't mind that; he doesn't score very often!"

Neil Warnock said he has been waiting for news of Emiliano Sala's funeral and appears to have built up a rapport with sister Romina and Sala the family

He and his family are now away for a couple of days well earned rest :ayatollah:
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