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Postby boozer » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:50 pm

Really starting to fall out of love with the abuse you get lately for having different opinions. My personal though is we should have got rid of Warnock I appreciate people don’t think the same as me. I no full well we punched above our weight in the championship and I’ll forever be greatful to Neil Warnock for that and rightly so he should go down as one of our greyest managers but I personally can’t stand the style of clueless football we play. Ok maybe he didn’t have much of a budget but why then waste the little budget on players he hardly plays ? He doesn’t automatically get god status. This attitude of if we go down we go down is wrong in my eyes this was a massive chance to try get stability in the prem the club lacked ambition to do so. I hope we stay up if we don’t I will still follow Cardiff city
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Re: Opinions

Postby WelshPatriot » Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:23 am

And who should have managed us in the premier league?
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