Yes Cymru at Old Trafford yesterday

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Re: Yes Cymru at Old Trafford yesterday

Postby tcblue » Wed May 15, 2019 6:08 pm

rumpo kid wrote:I used to think that, but I’m thinking that there must be another way, otherwise just kicking the can..

No doubting the incompetence of our second rate politicians tho....WAG is a disgusting waste of our money. An embarrassment to Wales.

So let’s be run by unelected officials in England? We are wealthier than more than half the countries in Europe and every country in Asia (bar two). ... s-16277366
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Re: Yes Cymru at Old Trafford yesterday


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Re: Yes Cymru at Old Trafford yesterday

Postby dogfound » Wed May 15, 2019 6:30 pm

tcblue wrote:
dogfound wrote:
tcblue wrote:
WelshPatriot wrote:So Yes Cymru want Independence but not when it comes to football??

The world isn’t black and white and it isn’t a binary choice.

Could we be independent and play in the “English” football league. Of course we could.

Should we? Meh. All I know is that I want the greatest amount of power to reside with the people of Wales, not public school boys in England

personally id like the assembly to have as few chances to f up our country as possible..

here are two words that have cost my country far more than we will ever make selling energy....BRYNGLAS TUNNELS..

its now been infront of the WAG for TWENTY EIGHT YEARS..and for all your public school boy nonsense this would have happened by now if not for the drips down there being in charge. has cost us billions in both trade and tourism..

So it’s been in front of the “WAG” for 28 years even though the “WAG” is 20 years old.

Nice one mate. Nice one

your correct its TWENTY YEARS.
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