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' Fabio Da Silva / Emiliano Sala '

Postby Forever Blue » Wed May 29, 2019 7:06 am

'We remember him every day' Ex-Cardiff City favourite Fabio on Emiliano Sala tragedy and the toughest season of his career -

By Katie Sands

Wednesday 29th May 2019

Former Cardiff City fans favourite Fabio Da Silva has opened up about his personal heartache over the death of Emiliano Sala in what he describes as the hardest season of his life.

Fabio, of course, played for Cardiff between 2014-16, before making his £2million move to Middlesbrough back in 2016.

Following two seasons with Boro, the 28-year-old former Manchester United defender now plays for French Ligue 1 side Nantes - the club which Sala left to join the Bluebirds back in January.

Here, Fabio opens up about how he told Sala he would love Cardiff, how they found out the striker was missing, and how the club has coped since.

A week prior to the fateful plane journey on January 21, Sala and Fabio had been in constant contact, with the Argentine striker keen to ask the Brazilian defender all about Cardiff as a football club and a city, Teesside Live reports. Fabio told Sala he'd love it in Wales. He told him he'd love the city, the people, the football, and the Premier League.


"Then everything happened so fast, it was so tough," says Fabio. "I cannot explain."

After lunch on the Sunday with Sala - a person Fabio describes as "fantastic, so brilliant to be around" - the new Cardiff player texted Nantes defender Nicolas Pallois and told him he was setting off to Wales.

Pallois wished him luck and told him to send a message when he arrived. Of course, that text never came.

"The next morning Nico said Sala hadn't text and asked the club [Nantes] to call Cardiff to check he's alright," Fabio explains.

"But Nico was OK at this stage, he was not worried because he thought Sala must have just forgotten. The guy who worked here called Cardiff and then we found out the plane hadn't arrived. As soon as he said that, everyone started to cry. When you say the plane is missing, we knew it was a big, big problem."

Sala had agreed to join Cardiff just a few days before the tragic events unfolded.

Fabio says: "That should have been the best moment of his life: that's what he'd been working for - a £15m move, playing Premier League football, his salary. That was the best time of his life. And that's what is the worst part for me to think about.

"He was such a fantastic guy, so brilliant to be around, a hard worker, first to arrive and last to leave. He was so happy. Everyone will say the same about him.

"I am a happy and positive guy anyway but this sort of thing, it makes you love the simple things. I came home that morning because we had no training, I came home and I hugged my two daughters and my wife like it was the last day of the world. Because you just never know. Hug your daughters, smile at them every day, smile at everyone you love every day, because you just never know."

After what he describes as the hardest season of his life, it's a remarkable feat for Nantes to have managed a seven-match unbeaten run ahead of their final fixture on Friday, which saw them lose 1-0 to Strasbourg.

"We remember him every day," says Fabio.

"When things happen like this, it makes the team even closer. All the lads here are good lads.

"I am happy we are finishing the season with these results, all the lads here deserve that because it has been a very, very hard season."

You can read the full interview here.

Cardiff are now embroiled in a legal wrangle with Nantes over the £15m transfer fee for Sala, with the matter being referred to FIFA to resolve. Cardiff say the status of the agreement between the two clubs is clear, and the transfer was not complete.
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' Fabio Da Silva / Emiliano Sala '


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