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Re: Politics - what am I? Who do I vote for?

Postby CCFCJosh75 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:13 am

dogfound wrote:
CCFCJosh75 wrote:
dogfound wrote:
CCFCJosh75 wrote:
dogfound wrote:
CCFCJosh75 wrote:Probably best for welshies to either not vote conservative/ vote for a non brexit wanting party (unless you want to make yourself poorer)

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/p ... 52186.html

yes its a study by people who have campaigned for remain and a second vote..study based on what exactly is unclear..probably just studied posts by you and dave..

at least youve stopped me wondering who exactly reads this type article and swallows it...

If you actually read the article it does tell you about the study and what it's based on. I would like to read the list you appear to have of all the people involved in the study and their voting habits though (I'll assume you don't have one and made that bit up).
At least you've stopped me wondering about the phrase 'turkeys voting for Christmas'

ive seen the list, read the article, its based on an assumption not on a single fact, or source, or document..
as for voting,,i didnt vote..because i couldnt find enough genuine info , it was all articles like this one that take 10 seconds maybe to come to the conclusion its rubbish..its as bad as the these 2 pricks thread tbh ..
not sure if your THE most gullible person in our country or just a wind up..

A) Can I have a look at the list then please
B) it's based on the UK losing the EU structural fund, it's a fact that we get money, it's a fact that brexit means we won't get it, it's a fact that the conservatives won't suddenly change policy and give billions of pounds to areas which they've been cancelling funding for for years.
C) Every single plan is based on assumptions, every single thing in the universe has to be based on an assumption.

you do realise we contribute more to the EU than we receive.? so yes its a FACT we will not be getting a percentage of our own money BACK...because it wont have gone anywhere to start with...
its not a fact that the conservatives wont change policy its an assumption based on nothing .infact they have already said they are setting a fund up which the comic article skipped past ...

anyway josh Bloggs how about thinking a bit about this propaganda before posting it..
i can put links up to for the extremely gullible articles too..but like yours they would be transparent in their bias..so pointless

Wales is a net benefactor from the EU btw.
The article does mention the fund, for someone who's 'read' the article you do forget a concerning amount.
I'll file the list of people under ' Im sorry but I don't actually have any sort of list, I made that bit up and would like to apologise'.
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Re: Politics - what am I? Who do I vote for?


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Re: Politics - what am I? Who do I vote for?

Postby ReesWestonSuperMare » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:16 am

I know that we put in more than we get back - but (and there is the bit that gives me doubt) - by being a member - we get access to an open market of more than 550 million people - tariff free. It seems to me we do not exploit this market enough perhaps ?

The problem I have with all of this is that - most people just want economic trading conditions (like we had pre Maastright treaty). If I wantyed to move to Holland - I had to apply to live there, get checked and approved by the Police etc .

That has all gone now - which is why a lot of people voted Leave.

At the same time the 5 Presidents report that outlines the EU direction over the next 5-8 years stated that we would have TTIP (open trade with the US - and it's dangers) , we would have to give the UN security council seat - along with France , in return for an EU seat. Accession countries, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosova, Bosnia would all be joining - those countries have unemployment rates of between 35-35%. That's great if you are a UK employer that wants very cheap Labour - not so good if you are a working class Labour party voter.

I realise though - that this tread is going off topic a bit - it was supposed to be about - who to vote for in the UK now - rather than EU politics

Given the above situation - Im not sure I want to be a member - if the EU reversed it's road map - then I think people would vote remain.

But we are where we are - the EU wont change and seem determined to drive through changes to become a 1 nation political state - with little accountability
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