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Re: The Jacks accadamy

Postby bluebirdoct1962 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:43 am

Bluebird Warrior wrote:
BackToTheFuture wrote:
BaltimoreBlues wrote:
BackToTheFuture wrote:
pembroke allan wrote:
Bluebird Warrior wrote:Find it slightly pathetic that some so called fans or trolls want to bring club rivalry into international football. Regardless of what club we support we're all welsh or at least support Wales so why use Wales to take cheap shots at club sides?

Well sums up these swans fans on here pathetic at best! :bluescarf:

:lol: Allan he is referring to you, you have done exactly what he describes.

All I have done is tell you why your attempted cheap shots are meaningless.

Get with the programme.

I think he’s referring to Northern Glue, and the gypo posse on here

Allan is doing the exact same thing as him though. Your actions don’t change just because of who you support.

If Northern Blue is using the National team to point score - then so is Allan.

But Northern Blue was the one who started the thread to clearly antagonise Cardiff fans and use the National team to point score. For Wales its great that Swansea are bringing through welsh players and giving them a chance and I wish we could do better, but bragging about it on a Cardiff city forum is pathetic and saying "Look how great we've done, be a bonus if you contributed" and saying things like -

"Cardiff have been a football non entity for as long as I can remember. We have had the upper hand for years now. That's why you all jumped on the Wales bandwagon starved of sucsess 2 pathetic seasons in the PL. You needed something to cheer."

I mean we all support Wales, so why take these little cheap shots. Anyway im done with this thread, hope we beat Belarus :occasion5:

Well said mate
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Re: The Jacks accadamy


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Re: The Jacks accadamy

Postby bluebird04 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:30 am

okay, i think theres a big difference in regards to our academies, and i believe it has a lot to do with the fan base, lets all be honest on here, we as cardiff fans are a bit too demanding, we want success all the time, and if it doesnt happen we're crying for the manager to get the sack, we dont care about tomorrow we just want today. before the season started we were all saying promotion should be the aim, play offs a minimum. most of my friends are jacks, and they all said the same, mid table they are expecting anything else is a bonus. this alone allows swansea the time to bleed academy players through. during the trollope sacking, it was a perfect time for us, to have the chance to slowly build, bleed players through. i honestly don't think we would of seen the swansea academy players playing if they werent forced to play them
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