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Postby RV Casual » Tue Sep 10, 2019 3:48 pm

bluerover wrote:
RV Casual wrote:
epping blue wrote:I rank the failure to qualify for Russia as up there with biggest disappointments of the last 50 years. We'll never get a better chance to qualify for a world cup. Azerbaijan looked good against Croatia to be fair but worryingly the away end looks tiny. There's 8 in my party going all along way down the priority ladder. Its going to be an awfully long trip to watch the game in a bar. Did it in Budapest and didn't enjoy it.

Correct mate, the dip in form after the Moldova game and the 5 draws was what cost us big time.

The home draw against Georgia was shocking taking the lead twice against Austria and not seeing it through equally as disappointing as was conceding against Serbia at home in the 85th minute who were awfull. The tactics in the other games were dreadful and for all the good Coleman did I agree with you that failure to get to Russia is up there considering the quality of the group.

Draw against Georgia yes, poor result. Drawing against Austria and Serbia not at all, it doesn’t matter if we took the lead - a match is 90 mins long.

So you seem to be referring to one bad result in a run of games that marks one of our best periods in our history. That is not a dip in form, more so when that run of games saw us be far more fruitful than the previous games before it.

Sorry but you are wrong here and I think you are starting to realise that. Maybe you didn’t look at the fixtures and results prior to making your claim and assumed that nobody would remember or look. Now you feel you have to stick to that even though the facts disagree with you.

When you go from winning games and playing well to drawing and losing and playing badly it is called a 'dip in form' for the FINAL time this happened under COLENMAM long before Giggs took over but youre Multi/fellow Jack masquerading as a Cardiff fan under a Blue name (sound familiar) tried to claim that the dip started under Giggs. We all know that isnt true as proven in the results and performances in Chris Colemans final campaign for anybody who bothered to watch and agreed with (despite you're counter claims) by everyone else on this thread and everyone I speak to in 'real life' bar the multi and yourself (familiar pattern there huh) but of course as you only speak the truth in youre own head the world is wrong, things were going absolutely swimmingly under Coleman, we qualified for the World Cup and results were fantastic. Amen.
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Re: Azer-bai-jan


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