22 March at 15:37 · City of Sunderland, United Kingdom Since

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22 March at 15:37 · City of Sunderland, United Kingdom Since

Postby Forever Blue » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:29 pm

Jon White:

22 March at 15:37 · City of Sunderland, United Kingdom
Since yesterday morning Tyne and Wear Fire Service Control have handled over 300 calls and the crews have attended almost 100 fires maliciously set to wheelie bins, trees and parkland by groups of children and youths. When EVERYONE is meant to be #socialdistancing why are parents/guardians allowing their children to run wild? This not only means our crews aren’t available for life risk calls it also puts them in danger of being exposed to Covid-19. Take some responsibility.
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22 March at 15:37 · City of Sunderland, United Kingdom Since


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Postby TopCat CCFC » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:04 pm

Here is one closer to home as reported by BBC WALES NEWS -

Businesses and emergency services have issued warnings over criminal behaviour as the coronavirus outbreak worsens.

Fire services have dealt with a number of incidents of what they said were deliberately started grassfires, putting the health of staff at risk.

One business forced to close because of the restrictions was burgled just a day after shutting its doors.

Wiseman's Bridge Inn near Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, captured CCTV footage of two intruders who broke in.

Mid and West Wales Fire Service said crews had been called to a deliberate fire on Kilvey Hill in Swansea at the same time as a kitchen fire, putting them at risk of a delayed response to a genuine emergency.

Richie Vaughan-Williams, the service's arson reduction manager, said the rise in grass fires was not unusual given the time of year and weather conditions.

However he urged people to follow government advice to stay at home to try to reduce the number of deliberate fires happening and to reduce infection risks for firefighters by not having to mix crews together.

"Naturally we are working hard to protect the health of our operational fire crews," he said.

"When attending grass fires a number of crews commonly have to work hard together sharing equipment so our current procedures for protecting those firefighters can be compromised.

"We have business continuity plans in place to ensure that the core functions are maintained to ensure resilience."
South Wales Fire Service said it had already had to attend a number of grass fires this week which were suspected to be deliberately lit, including eight on Tuesday.

A spokeswoman added: "It is important for us to reinforce that, due to the coronavirus, our current situation is unprecedented.

"While we remain committed to delivering an effective and efficient emergency response across south Wales, we are very aware that many more families will be spending time at home, cooking, washing and using electrical items, which increases the risk of a potential fire."

Police forces said they had been fielding calls from members of the public seeking advice and help in the light of the new rules on social distancing, and put out a plea for people to check other sources, including the UK government.
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