Morons some of the UK youths

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Re: Morons some of the UK youths

Postby rumpo kid » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:40 pm

Police are adopting the softly softly approach and no-one listens, but if anyone suggests deploying the TSG, there’s uproar.
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Re: Morons some of the UK youths


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Re: Morons some of the UK youths

Postby TopCat CCFC » Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:47 pm

This Country :roll:
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Re: Morons some of the UK youths

Postby bluesince62 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:18 am

Jock wrote:
bluesince62 wrote:According to a friend of mine,barry was quite busy again today :banghead: they are on about £30 fines ffs,that's not going to teach some of the youth of today,they have no moral grounding (what are their parents doing?) As pointed out above,they have no respect for anyone,or any thing, bet they will be the ones bitching when a relative falls to this virus! ! My wife and I have been out 3 times in two weeks,just for medical needs,and to get food,they need to get tougher than £30 fines,they should put them all in quarantine for two weeks,or if they think they are immune,put the f@ckers to work in the hospitals,even if it's emptying bed pans!! That's after tarring their stupid as fu k arses first.selfish people are going to make this a longer issue than needs be,mind you,looking at the pictures of the London underground this morning, London is going to suffer a lot more than they were going to,people basically spooning the person next to them!! Did go to lidl down by the ground earlier,was very quiet was about 10 of us in there in total,and three of them were Romanian, and one of them was chased through the car park,for starling something! Only thing I couldn't get there was eggs,and pasta,the rest of what I needed was available. Some of the ignorant people I saw in Llandaff were a group of about ten cyclists,all riding in a close knit pack,like it was everything as normal? Thick as shit some brits,it's getting embarrassing.people need to wake the f@ck up,and if you are one of them,hang your head in total shame. :old: :bluebird:

Still struggling to get my head round the market being open on Holton Rd.

There is an industrial estate behind my cousins place in caerau,most of the units are "non essential" but today he says most were still open for business,Inc a spray garage! Some will have to be forcibly closed I think.even the one stop booze shop on station Road was open!! When will the minority learn? After the death of a loved one I fear. :old: :bluebird:
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