“ Should they wear them? “

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Re: “ Should they wear them? “

Postby JasonFowler1991 » Fri May 22, 2020 4:07 pm

Charlie Harper wrote:
Welshman in CA wrote:
Charlie Harper wrote:
Welshman in CA wrote:
Charlie Harper wrote:Wear a mask and deprive yourself of oxygen. No thanks from myself

What are you on about now?

It's obvious what I said and mean. Cant you work it out ?

i asked because the statement itself makes no sense.

Do you have this nugget of information on good authority by any chance?

I've watched videos of doctors, professors and scientists and they say dont wear a mask as it blocks the amount of oxygen going into your body.
I'd rather listen to these people than the half arsed government :thumbup:

You're correct. There are negative implications from wearing them for prolonged periods, as you re-breathing CO2.

http://thebetteroxygenmask.com/harmful- ... oxide-co2/
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Re: “ Should they wear them? “


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Re: “ Should they wear them? “

Postby bluesince62 » Sat May 23, 2020 1:22 am

[quote="Forever Blue"]Spain:

Face masks will be compulsory in public places indoors and some areas outside where 2metres can not be done

Remember Boris & Adam Hancock said there was no problem in shaking hands.

If anyone goes on any planes, you all have to wear face masks.[/quote

For me that's not an idea I'm happy about,crammed next to a stranger literally touching arms,plus you already breathe recycled air on planes,and as the poster above points out,its not the lack of oxygen that is a problem,it's re breathing carbon monoxide.on another topic Annis you say you like boris and say there is no one better? Do you still like him? For me he has not handled anything about this virus very well at all.way,way too slow,way too soft regards lockdown (and slow,according to the scientists who have been advising him) piddly little fines,police confused as f@ck,and workers too scared (or not) to go back to work,small businesses folding left right and centre,with a lot worse to come,a recession the likes of which no one on here ,or on earth has witnessed.and imho keeps trying to shut the barn door,after the horse has bolted.the jury is out on mask wearing,and the benefits/pitfalls of wearing one.and if the mask has to be "fitted for your particular face to be effective, is it any use wearing one? It's a great question Annis :thumbup: if it becomes compulsory, I would have to conform,just to shop.so in reality do we really have a choice,if it's classed as required? :old: :bluebird:
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