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Re: I was asked this, interesting?

Postby skidemin » Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:59 am

JoePowell97 wrote:Where are you seeing/hearing this? I think the consensus of black people is that they’d like to stop seeing innocent black men being killed by the police, but if you can show me something different I’m all ears.

All the things you just mentioned above just show why defunding the police is a good idea. By investing capital in other areas of society in order to reduce crime i.e. schemes to get people out of gangs and to crackdown on the use of firearms. The primary function of the police is to react to crime. If there was more money to set up schemes to essentially nip potential criminals in the bud, it’d be a more proactive approach to crime, and could potentially decrease all these awful things happening

even if these schemes worked it would take years...the here and now they have a massive crime/ homicide problem...as for consensus? there are not a majority protesting...its not even a large minority....its just your usual trouble makers white and black and the extremely gullible who watched the video and do not grasp thousands of young men get killed every year and if videos were available of all the deaths they would all be un pleasant viewing...in our country , immediately after the London bridge attacks we had a left wing meltdown in parliament over police CUTS that had been taking place ...now the same people are taking the knee and are aligning with an outfit that want defunding...
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Re: I was asked this, interesting?


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Re: I was asked this, interesting?

Postby JoePowell97 » Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:24 am

Nuclearblue wrote:
JoePowell97 wrote:Surprisingly I don’t agree. The raised fist and black power movement are about black empowerment and unity. Next you’ll be saying doing the ayotollah is racist as its Cardiff city fans claiming they’re the superior fan base. Get a grip you’re all starting to sound like snowflakes ;)

Black power of being Black supremacy.

No sir, empowering minority groups is not to lead to a superior race. They are campaigning for EQUALITY
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