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Postby Mr Potato » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:02 am

We had a great debate regarding Fulham and Cardiff at the start of the season. Please don’t think of this as a dig, a poke or anything, it isn’t, but I am curious as to your thoughts on next season and what is needed.

I did state I’d happy to be proved wrong by your suggestion that Fulham would fall short, they just pipped us, but our debate started when Warnock was in charge so a lot has changed.

If you read, I look forward to your response, football is about opinions and although we differed in those it would be good to hear your thoughts.
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FAO Phildavies


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Re: FAO Phildavies

Postby phildavies » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:54 am

They will still fall short as Brentford will beat them ;)

We need a RB, Number 10 to challenge Tomlin and mobile midfielder to replace pack who is far to slow. That should be our 3 priorities on top of that its looks like we will be getting another striker in Moore and if being greedy I would personally also like another fast and powerful winger.

As for next season we will be in the playoffs minimum again as we always should be with this squad of players. As for the rest hard to say until we see who leaves and joins other squads. Stoke should be up in the playoffs this year though. Fulham will be back below us where they belong and eventually end up in financial trouble given all the money they spent on finishing below us in the prem.
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