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Time for our club to appoint a manager with hwyl

Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:26 pm

If Tan seriously wants premier League football then it must be obvious by now that he can't expect to get there on the cheap, I'm convinced our current squad had the ability to be competing amongst the top few teams but needed a better stamp of manager, a manager with experience of a higher standard of play and players is what we needed, in all fairness to Harris he had neither of these qualities but to his credit it hasn't proved disastrous, but at this time in his career was a division to high. I hope the next manager is someone we actively search out as opposed to anyone turning up at the club claiming to be the Messiah, there are lots of unemployed managers out there more than capable, far better to pay the price required rather than wasting money on a journeyman. Here are just a few ... -2021/2536 obviously some on that list would be way out of our reach but others with a point to prove may be within range, here's hoping :occasion5:
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