" Fickleness / We have some Fickle fans "

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Re: " Fickleness / We have some Fickle fans "

Postby bluebirdoct1962 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:18 pm

TopCat CCFC wrote:
bluebirdoct1962 wrote:
Forever Blue wrote:Ah well I’ve seen plenty of worse results etc supporting the city in the early 1970s ,win ,lose or draw always be a bluebirds C.C.F.C for Life :bluebird: :bluescarf:

Hear hear :occasion5: :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :bluescarf: :bluescarf:


Don’t forget part of the 89s. The dreaded Durban years :o :o :o :old:
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Re: " Fickleness / We have some Fickle fans "


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