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Postby Forever Blue » Mon May 03, 2021 6:10 am

Everything bullish Harry Wilson just said on his Liverpool future, Birmingham City hat-trick and his message to Cardiff City fans

The Wales international played a starring role in the 4-0 hammering of Birmingham City on Saturday afternoon

Cardiff City star Harry Wilson hit a tremendous hat-trick to down Birmingham City on Saturday afternoon.

The Liverpool loanee turned out his best display of the season in what is likely to be his penultimate appearance for the Bluebirds before he heads back to Anfield this summer.

Monday 3rd May 2021

Here is everything the Welshman said on what the future holds, how he feels heading to the Euros with Wales and where he believes his future lies...

Q. A great feeling to produce a performance like that?

Harry Wilson: Going into this game, a lot of people were saying it was a dead rubber but we didn’t see it as that.

I certainly didn’t – I saw it as a chance to put in a good performance, get my numbers up. So on an individual level, I was pleased to do that and, as a team, we defended well.

They played a lot of long balls to their big lads but the back three dealt with that well. Going forward, we scored the four goals and on another day we could have three or four more as well.

Q. The hat-trick – what was your pick of the goals?

HW: I think it’s got to be between the first and the third. The second, although it’s a free-kick a long way out, it’s bounced before going in the net, so that’s probably not the greatest free-kick I’ve scored.

I think the first one tops it because I’ve intercepted the pass and read that well. It was stuck under my feet so it was kind of an instinctive strike and thankfully it went the right side of the post and into the top corner.

Then I saw Jonny (Williams) warming up so I knew with the third one I had to shoot. I think Flinty (Aden Flint) wanted me to cross it but, on two goals, there’s no way I was crossing from there and thankfully it went into the far corner!

Q. Mick McCarthy said you're good enough to compete at Liverpool, is that how you feel?

HW: Obviously it’s always been my aim to get into the Liverpool team and play for the club I’ve been at since I was eight.

But you know the quality Liverpool have got, the famous front three. I feel I’m good enough to be in that squad. I’d like to think I could go in there and add something different.

I’ve always been confident in my ability and, playing with the players in that team, I feel it would help me with my game. But that’s out of my hands.

That’s up to the manager there to make those decisions but I’m fully focused on finishing the season with Cardiff and playing at the Euros with Wales.

I’m determined to have a good tournament there and, if it’s not with Liverpool, I’m determined to get a move.

I feel I deserve to play at the highest level I can.

Q. A huge summer ahead then for you?

HW: Yeah, it is. I feel this season I was desperate to get out and play to make sure I was in the best physical condition I could be in heading into this summer because I knew how big it could be.

I’ve had the game-time here at Cardiff. I’m double figures for assists and I’ve got seven goals, so my numbers are OK but could be better.

Heading into the summer, I feel I’m in great shape and it’s up to me now to show to those teams that I deserve a move.

Q. What have you learned about your game this season?

HW: I've really enjoyed it. As long as I'm playing I'm happy.

I've had to adapt my game because the way we've played here has been different to what I'm used to.

But it was up to me to adapt my game and make sure I can help the team.

My assists this year have been better than previous years. Although maybe my goals haven't been as much, I've helped the team in different ways.

My off-the-ball work has definitely got better throughout the season.

Obviously disappointing that before the international break we were in a fantastic position to go and charge for the play-offs. But since then the results haven't been as good as what we've wanted.

But the season as a whole, especially the second half, we have played some good stuff at times.

It's disappointing we couldn't make that play-off charge throughout the whole season.

Q. Cardiff fans sad you haven't played in front of them, your message to them?

HW: I've experienced the Welsh crowd and the Red Wall at Cardiff City Stadium, but not being able to experience the Cardiff City fans has been a massive disappointment for me.

Towards the end of last year we played in front of a few fans at Watford, I think it was only 2,000, but just to feel the atmosphere that can create made us realise how much we missed the fans.

Yeah, it's been a massive disappointment of mine not to have played in front of the Cardiff fans and hearing their support first hand.

Q. How much contact have you had with Liverpool throughout the season?

HW: It's more the loan guy. Julian Ward is the loan guy and I'm in regular contact with him. The sports science guys on a physical level, they're always in touch.

There is always dialogue between the two clubs and myself and Liverpool, but when I am here I am fully focused on Cardiff.

They are the team I am here for and want to do well for and give my all for.

Once the season is finished I will speak to Liverpool. I will always want to go back and play for them.

But if that's not going to be the case then I am hoping that after my performances in the summer I'll be able to get the move I feel I deserve.
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Postby Big Hill Blue » Mon May 03, 2021 8:10 am

Level headed guy. Let's hope we can afford him.

C'mon City
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Postby BC-CB » Mon May 03, 2021 11:38 am

Over to you Mr Tan.
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Postby Sam ReaN » Mon May 03, 2021 2:04 pm

Come on Tan
Give us Welsh Cardiff fans something to cheer about heading into next season. And if fans return then what a way to kick off next season with a squad full of quality players.
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