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Postby Whistler » Mon May 03, 2021 7:26 am

Next season is going to be challenging for football in general, the impact on clubs income and their ability to go into the transfer market will be a battle for all clubs. This season has seen all championship clubs struggle to compete in the transfer market, and its noted that the 3 relegated clubs look as if all 3 will go straight back up this season, basically because there was so little movement of players in the Summer when traditionally the relegated clubs normally offload their best players. FFP is still hovering over clubs.

So with all the constraints of finance literally all the championship clubs are very much in the same boat, Big Mick's assessment that there will be a lot of good players out of contract in the Summer and the fact that City alongside many other clubs will have to look for freebies and loans as well as trying to bring youngsters through is not just the case here at City.

I think a lot of big Championship clubs are going to find it tough next season and I would expect the 3 relegated clubs to again dominate. with a little bit of careful work in the Summer market, City will be as well placed as any club to have a dart at the play-offs, the top two will be out of reach :ayatollah: :bluebird:
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