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Postby Tony Blue Williams » Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:23 am

Igovernor wrote:
Karl, I am quite excited myself, it does seem that MM is doing very well with the players he has brought in. I trust MM to do a good job this season. :ayatollah:

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Postby Pulisnewport » Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:23 am

Igovernor wrote:
Pulisnewport wrote:
piledriver64 wrote:Let’s see where we are at the end of the transfer window. Despite all those on here claiming to have inside information it’s a long time since we made a signing that had been “leaked” any more than a day beforehand. MM might be playing games, telling the truth or just managing expectations. If people on here were honest they would admit that they just don’t know.

What would happen if somebody was sucker enough to sign Murphy? That would release a huge wage and MM would use that.

At the moment I want us to keep Moore but if we get a big offer from a Premiership team he’ll want to go and we’ll probably have to let him go.

If that does happen then the fee will likely be quite significant and then MM will have money to spend.

I tend to agree with most you’ve written :ayatollah:

However, your point about Murphy! I’d prefer to keep Murphy and get rid of Tomlin and Bacuna both of whom are on ridiculous money and IMO only bring something to the team in a very fleeting way.

I think you can identify those who know very little and act with guesswork. On the other side some are far nearer to the truth! Is that guesswork, luck or something else? If it’s guesswork then they are doing extremely well on the information and I’d like a bit of what they have :bluescarf:

Regards your point with Moore, it’s more likely that a club will make a move in the last week of the window. This would leave us with no replacement or an inferior player and little chance of a suitable loan. IMO that’s the more likely situation and one I hope doesn’t happen.

I for one am excited about the season and the transfers so far :ayatollah: Take it from me it’s extremely unlikely that’s the end of any transfer dealings. So enjoy the ride and let’s go under the radar of other clubs this coming season :ayatollah:

Karl, I am quite excited myself, it does seem that MM is doing very well with the players he has brought in. I trust MM to do a good job this season. :ayatollah:

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Postby Bluebird1977 » Mon Jul 19, 2021 10:27 am

If we don't win our first five games it will be Mm out and tans a c**t for not spending millions. If we win the first 5 games it will be Mm the savior and promotion is due talk. Social media in a nutshell :lol:

Although we have been told the crack with cost cutting still so what do people really expect. Baffles me.
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