So how does this sit with you ?

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Re: So how does this sit with you ?

Postby Nuclearblue » Sun Sep 12, 2021 6:30 am

maccydee wrote:
skidemin wrote:
Canton Kev wrote:
Nuclearblue wrote:
Sven wrote:
Nuclearblue wrote:Apologise for state of OP. Done on my phone had a problem so copied it as I had to press the back button and when I pasted it all went to shit and it repeated itself.
It is my own words but the message did come across in a way lol

All sorted, Nukes; and I think you make some valid points, including the (apparently) touchy subject of player silence...

Not just those you mentioned but many others as well (of all colours and creeds) who seem to be very selective in their choices of 'crusades'

Qatar is/was the wrong choice, FIFA knew it but still went ahead regardless of the human cost and the disruption to the 'normal' domestic schedules obliterated to accommodate it...! :(

As far as the knee I do honestly believe racism has raised its ugly head due to the consequences of the knee.
So my main question is who are the players referring to as racists ?

If I was a betting man... I would say they’re referring to the racists that are being racist

there does seem to have been a bit of an explosion of online/ text abuse mostly after a this really what all this kneeing is meant to draw out address / eradicate ?

Dickheads are always there. A defeat gives them an ‘excuse’ I suppose.

Thankfully they are being caught and exposed now.

Who are these people and where are the arrests ? Most of the abuse was from abroad. My question still stands. Supporting BLM which hates all white peoples telling them they and their ancestors are all racists will get an angry response.
Now we are being told it’s all about racism not BLM. So because they have been called out they are now saying they have changed why they are doing the knee. So no they ain’t got a Scooby why they are dropping got their knees.
It is being pushed by those wanting to cause division. When we are in a time where our civil liberties are being removed division of the public needs to happen and this is just another tool.
The establishment don’t want us all to get on if we did we would all be a threat to what they are trying to achieve.
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Re: So how does this sit with you ?


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