" Forest fans not confident "

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" Forest fans not confident "

Postby worcester_ccfc » Sun Sep 12, 2021 9:25 am

Forest fans are not confident at all for today.

A few selected comments below, from their forum - www.forestforum.co.uk

Probably the least confident set of supporters for a league game against us in a while:

- Return of the Mick... Oh my God. McCarthy brings his 9th place Bluebirds side to the land of the Right-Backs looking to bounce back from their first defeat of the season last time out against Bristol City. Forest will go into this one with huge confidence having had a rip roaring 4 shots on target in a one all draw in the last game, amazing!

- Forest 0 (obviously) Cardiff 2

And a lift for Chris Hughton to the nearest job centre shortly afterwards.

- I predict Forest going all-out attack from the first whistle achieving a stupendous 5 shots on target during the whole course of the match.

- Forest huff and puff, Cardiff score from a cross that isn't dealt with well. Nothing else happens in the game.

- f*cking hate this fixture and even more reason to this time. I don't think I've ever witnessed a Cardiff game, whether it be against Forest or someone else and thought "this is a good game".

This one is
anti football Vs anti football.

Absolute borefest coming up. f**k off Cardiff

- Magic Mick McCarthy’s Set Piece Shit-housery Sessions.

Lose 2-0. Cardiff goals come from a corner and a free-kick.
Zero shots on target.

Board gives Hughton a vote of confidence.

- This will be tbe footballing equivalent of filling in your tax return. 0-0

- Is this on Sky? Mick Mac will have us for Sunday lunch.

- Having gone to all the home games in August and the state of our transfer window, I'm going to stick to TV and Radio again to see how things go for the foreseeable.
It's far too expensive to get that pissed off.

- I think you have to shag a sheep as an initiation to sign up for a Cardiff forum

- I have been watching football for over 60 years and cannot remember a entertaining Forest v Cardiff game, they are always very poor fare.

- Watching England v Poland last night reminded me, at times, of Forest against Cardiff. Endless slow passing around the back eight and then the muscular opposition come in and lay one on those defenders.

- Team will be set-up and briefed to hang on to a 0-1 defeat. Will succeed admirably.

- (talking about this forum's comments on Tomlin:)

Pretty cluless inbred twats with short memories really. Tomlin had a great season for them season before last, coming away with 9 goals and 10 assists.

When was the last time we had a central attacking midfielder who contributed that much? Yeah he might be fucked now, but he's 32 and only cost them around 3m. Da Costa, Soudani, Jenks......THAT's how you waste money with players around 2-3m who don't contribute.

Spoiled bastards, hope we thrash them

- 4 points adrift already and definitely losing this, less and less confident we’ll survive this season by the day.

- Sky viewers are in for a treat with CH ultra defensive set up & Cardiff giants ariel bombardment

- We’re gonna lose and it’s gonna be shit.
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" Forest fans not confident "


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Re: " Forest fans not confident "

Postby montyblue » Sun Sep 12, 2021 9:48 am

Also read a lot of those yesterday "TAX" comment did it for me.
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Re: " Forest fans not confident "

Postby pembroke allan » Sun Sep 12, 2021 3:50 pm

Must have been talking to barry88 about being positive? :lol: :laughing6:
But far from a boring game as they feared
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