So can people get a season ticket refund if

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Re: So can people get a season ticket refund if

Postby maccydee » Sun Oct 10, 2021 11:49 am

Sven wrote:
maccydee wrote:
bluesince62 wrote:
welshrarebit wrote:I believe the way around it is to get tested before isn’t it? Within 48 hours.

Firstly it’s not the clubs fault. Blame mark drakeford who forced it through and refused any allowances to the conservative member unable to join remotely.

Secondly, regardless of your views on vaccination, Is a lateral flow that much of a big deal to do??

I cannot have the jab, but have no problems doing the lateral flow tests.would think anyone in the same boat would be the same?

I do see a slight issue though,this covid pass was not Law. When people bought their st,so things have changed as to the rules and people may have a point regards that? To use their st,the terms have changed? As said, would be good to know what club thinks, although I guess they will find some small print, that prevents refunds under these circumstances?

Out of interest and feel free to tell me to do one but how come you can’t have the jab?

Hopefully not on Forum, Neil :thumbup:

It's both private and personal no matter what the issue (of which I have some awareness and full sympathy on his position)

Same with several others... :ayatollah:

Yeah hence why I said feel free to tell me to do one.

From what I have seen the only people who really can’t have it are if they are allergic to ingredients in the vaccine or if they have contraindications.
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Re: So can people get a season ticket refund if


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