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Re: Bulut - Meeting

Postby Roath_Blue » Sat Mar 30, 2024 4:26 pm

Wiggy wrote:
Roath_Blue wrote:This whole switching the manager all the time is ruining us.

If we sack Bulut we should give Wiggy the job so that we can all see first hand that complaining every time we lose doesn't mean you can do a better job.

Mate slag me all you want don't give a hoot. I call like I see and that yesterday was plain SH**E.....again! How many have we lost at home not laying a glove on the oppositon. Our old senior league team would have at least shown some fight.
The number ofpeople who walked out after their second goal says it all. Bulut couldn't motivate Man City first team. Dreary, Italian tip tap football which will have people flocking to Saturday afternoon local park matches. What does Bulut do with them in training all week? Soon as they cross the half way line they're lost!

You happy with that nonsense again yesterday? You want to keep Bulut?


You miss the point every time Steve.

Tell me one manager who would come here, within Tans budget, who would be better with no backing, a financial embargo, and a league one squad? Just one manager.

Based on the shit that we have as a squad, to be in the top half is quite frankly over achieving.

So yes, I would like to see him backed in the summer and to build a squad of his own instead of managing a bunch of overpaid fake footballers that previous managers have left us.

Or would you prefer one of the old managers back? Maybe Slade so that you can have a moan week in week out?
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Re: Bulut - Meeting


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Re: Bulut - Meeting

Postby Wiggy » Sat Mar 30, 2024 4:33 pm

Tuna Pasta Bake wrote:Loads of interesting thoughts here. Sven mentioned the amount of points thrown away by just handing the game to our opponents - that is worrying in itself and is completely preventable if you play aggressive, front foot football, which sadly we don't.

I see little evidence that EB is learning the unique craft of coping in this division.

Agree with Wiggy's comments too - the football should be entertaining at home but it's dire, turgid stuff much of the time, with little goal threat. Supporters are bring driven away where it should be the opposite.

Thanks for your support Tuna think some have blindfolds. That yesterday after a quite pathetic display against the enemy was
a complete joke....They want supporters to renew season tickets watching that week in week out? I don't think so!
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Re: Bulut - Meeting

Postby Sneggyblubird » Sat Mar 30, 2024 6:17 pm

After last season just about everybody said mid table would do for them and I'm happy we seem to be heading in that direction.First thing next week I'll be renewing my season ticket as I'm not a member of the 5min fix club.
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Re: Bulut - Meeting

Postby Logie » Sun Mar 31, 2024 4:50 pm

My prob is home games don't feel like a home game, especially in 2024.

The way we setup every home game it feels like we are away vs a top team and we try not to give them the ball, keep it safe.

Also we never change formation, we aren't we going 442 in the second half when we are 2 down? makes no sense
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