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Re: Brexit Party Candidates in Cardiff

Postby Jock » Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:18 pm

moonboots wrote:
ElyBoy1984 wrote:
moonboots wrote:
welshrarebit wrote:That's a deft response. A lot of people aren't so tribal and are happy being British. Furthermore there are, believe it or not, people that want Brexit to happen. What they going to do? Vote plaid??

Not so daft. Let's face it large tracts of Wales have been anglicised and the lines between Britishness and Englishness are blurred. It is very easy for some people to confuse the two. British TV is overwhelmingly English TV and British news is almost totally English news. Large parts of the population don't think too deeply about such issues, many take things on face value, so it's easy to see how it's possible for some to have confused identities and that could be an explanation for how so many Welsh people (and Wales is historically socialist country) could possibly vote for a right wing English party.

Wales is a Brexit country.

I doubt that very much judging by the number of people I know who voted leave but now want to remain now that they know the facts which indicate that Wales will suffer more than most.
Also, the fact that Wales gets the majority of its news from English sources it's no wonder that we voted in line with England. Scotland, which has it's own independent news sources voted hugely differently.....probably for that reason.

Absolute nonsense, I don’t know one Brexit voter who’s changed their mind, I do know a few remainers who have. Wales voted leave, we should leave.
Re news, most comes from either London or Manchester and is way too concerned about what happens within the M25. However we get plenty of Welsh news from BBC and ITV, some think it’s too Cardiffcentric, what exactly do you want, 24 hour rolling Welsh News?
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Re: Brexit Party Candidates in Cardiff


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Re: Brexit Party Candidates in Cardiff

Postby ElyBoy1984 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:12 am

Costa Coffee Crew wrote:
ElyBoy1984 wrote:Welsh independence will never happen.
We are either governed by London, where politicians are more scrutinised, accountable and transparent.
Or by Brussels where national identity is a hinderance to their over arching programme.
Wales has a better chance in Britain free of the E.U.

People who would never have classed themselves as Welsh Nationalist are now "indy curious" including me. I went on my first ever political march on Saturday in Merthyr and it was such an uplifting day. Probably 10 times as many has those that turned up for the English Nationalist Party AKA Brexit Party Rally in the same town. The Independence Movement in Wales is Internationalist. It's not about shutting the world out. When Scotland votes to leave and Ireland becomes united (Both in my view are inevitable) do you really think Wales will want to be "Greater England"? Wales has suffered so much over the last 20 years. At the same time Irelands economy has grown from half the size of Wales to Triple the size of Wales (or thereabouts). Can Wales afford to be independent? The real question is "Can we afford not to be?"

Lol...The Republic of Ireland is not independent. It is owned by the E.U. who imposed austerity on them after their bailout in 2010, the irish with more debt than Greece per head.
Ireland still owe 44 BILLION from their bailout package in 2010.
They owe the UK 3 Billion.

If Wales left The U.K. i think it would be a disaster for our independence we'd be owned by Brussels. In 50 years the Welsh language would probably fall behind urdu as the most widely spoken.
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